There are a lot of iPhone Accessories in the market, but it’s quite hard to find the best accessories for your iPhone. Therefore, to save you some time we have picked the top 10 best iPhone Accessories for you. Also, I personally used some of these accessories for quite a long time and I will share my personal experience with you, Keep reading to pick the best iPhone accessories in 2023.

When it comes to buying accessories, what should I keep in mind?

When it comes to buying accessories, what should I keep in mind? iPhone accessories Buying Tips.

I’ve been buying iPhone accessories for quite a long time because I am a fan of accessories. I am going to give you some Tips to keep in mind when purchasing iPhone accessories.

  • Check If It Fits Your iPhone: Make sure the accessory you want works with your specific iPhone model.
  • Choose Trusted Brands: Go for well-known brands because they usually make better stuff.
  • Is It Built Well?: See if it’s made from strong materials and put together nicely.
  • Read Reviews: Look at what other people say about the accessory online.
  • Warranty and Help: Find out if it comes with a guarantee and if the company can help you if something goes wrong.
  • Watch Out for Fakes: Be careful not to buy fake stuff, especially online.
  • Price vs. Value: Compare the cost with how good it is to make sure you’re not overpaying.

Best iPhone Accessories 2023.

1. (Must have iPhone Accessories) Leather Case with MagSafe – Umber

Best iPhone accessories Leather Case with MagSafe - Umber.


  • Premium Look and Feel
  • Enhanced Grip
  • MagSafe Compatibility
  • Durable Protection


  • Leather Maintenance

In terms of cases, I personally have three favorites, The one that I really like is the Apple leather case in this umber color. It’s soft and decently protective and this year’s black version of the iPhone in combination with this umber brown is a fantastic color combo. The leather texture not only adds to the case’s aesthetics but also provides a comfortable and secure grip, reducing the chances of accidental drops. Making it one of the must have iPhone accessories.

2. (Must Have iPhone Accessories)  Screen Protector

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector GlasTR EZ FIT


  • Screen Protection
  • High-Quality Material
  • Easy Installation
  • Touch Sensitivity


  • N/A

One of the must have iPhone accessories that you can buy is a screen protector. There are lots of options out there to choose from but, I think Spigen all screen protectors are the best. In the box, it comes with two hard plastic frames, and they actually have the screen protector built in already, so you just need to clean your phone first, then remove the back plastic, line up over your phone rub the centerpiece, and just wait for 30 seconds. Don’t take any risks I did that a few years ago when I didn’t put a screen protector on for the first week, I did scratch the screen.

3. Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo)

Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo).


  • Secure Grip
  • Magnetic Mounting
  • Compact Design
  • Enhanced Aesthetics


  • Compatibility
  • Limited Features

Certainly! The Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip, also known as MagGo, is a versatile and handy accessory designed for iPhones and other smartphones. This grip offers several benefits for users.

  • Magnetic Attachment: This magnetic feature ensures a strong and stable connection, preventing your phone from accidentally slipping or falling.
  • Enhanced Grip: This is especially useful for one-handed use, taking photos, or texting without worrying about dropping your device.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the MagGo grip is a straightforward process. Simply attach it to the back of your iPhone, and you’re ready to go.

4. (Must have iPhone accessories) Pitaka magEZ slider 2

pitaka magEZ slider 2


  • Looks nice and simple.
  • Stick your device securely with magnets.
  • You can change the way you see it.
  • Works with different devices.


  • Costs a bit more.

It is the second version. So, to understand what this new version is all about you first need to understand the concept of the slider. Out of the box, it’s a 2-in-1 charger that can used to charge the iPhone and your AirPods for example by simply snapping the magnetic lip on the back and placing the AirPods there…but that’s far from the essence of this product. If you get the optional power Dongle it becomes a 3-in-1 charger that can also top up the Apple Watch. Also, the MagSafe portion on the front is actually a removable battery. The dongle can be used as a separate tool to use in other chargers or USB-C ports.

5. ESR Magnetic Wireless Mount Charger with CryoBoost

ESR Magnetic Wireless Mount Charger with CryoBoost.
Best iPhone accessories No4


  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Charging
  • Adjustable Position
  • Works with Many Phones
  • No Messy Wires


  • Little Expensive
  • Requires Power

In terms of Car mounts If you want the most compact option that supports the fastest wireless charging then the ESR Halo lock vent is the right option for you. It has a rotating clip which allows you to mount it to both vertical and horizontal air conditioning vents, There’s also a stabilizer pad at the bottom for added stability, and there’s a USB-C port at the bottom and it comes with the required USB-C cable but no charger. One very important thing to know about all MagSafe chargers is that if you’re going to be using a phone case the case must be a MagSafe case with magnets built into the case.

6. Backbone One Controller

One Of the best iPhone accessories Backbone One Controller.
Best iPhone Accessories.


  • Responsive Controls
  • Easy Setup
  • Pass-Through Charging
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience


  • Bulkier Design
  • Price

It is the official PlayStation Backbone One controller for iPhone and this is a handheld Controller that essentially turns your iPhone into a portable games console. It’s designed to be used with the PlayStation Remote play where you can literally play your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 while on the move.

You can still use it to play games from the App Store, including Call of Duty and many other games, Basically, for any games that support a controller input, you’ll be able to use this controller. You just need to use the included adapter that comes in the box. For me, it’s one of the best iPhone accessories in the Market.

7. Headphones Apple AirPods Max 

Apple AirPods Max an iPhone accessory


  • Great Sound
  • Block Noise
  • Last Long
  • Comfy


  • Costly
  • No Cable
  • No Water Protection

In the list of must have iPhone Accessories if you want to take your audio to a whole new level the AirPods Max will be the right choice. These are insane Quality Not only do they look great ignoring the case but they also pair with everything and sound awesome. These have active noise canceling as well as transparency mode so the same as you get in the AirPods Pro they also last for about 15 to 20 hours on a single charge.

8. (Must Have iPhone Accessories) iPhone Leather Wallet MagSafe

iPhone Leather Wallet MagSafe.


  • Card Protection
  • Looks Nice
  • Quality Material
  • Sleek Design


  • Not a Full Wallet
  • Not Much Space

You’ve probably got a wallet already or use Apple Pay but if you want to keep a couple of cards on say a store card and a credit card you could use one of these MagSafe wallets. This is a super slim accessory that connects to the back of your iPhone using the Mag save feature. It snaps on and off quite easily, but it is also quite firm so it’s not going to fall off when using it, But it could slide off when you’re taking it in and out of your pocket it’s a great little accessory. If you don’t have a wallet although it’s not something that I personally use.

9. (Must Have iPhone Accessories) Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag for iPhone is one of the best iPhone accessories.


  • Easy-to-Find Stuff
  • Super Precise
  • Privacy-Friendly
  • Customizable


  • Limited Range
  • No Built-in GPS

The Apple AirTag lets you keep track of your items that you’re worried about losing or misplacing. I got five of these now in various bags so when I’m out I know I can track them quite easily you just pop them in your bag or an item like a camera or a bike, and then they show up in the Find My App. These connect to your iPhone using Bluetooth or any phone that passes it by. And the battery on these is actually supposed to last you one year although I’ve had mine for 16 months and they still work without a change. It’s one of the must have iPhone accessories for me.

10. Insta360 Flow

Best iPhone accessories Insta360 Flow Best for vlogging.
Best for vlogging


  • User-Friendly
  • Pocket-Sized
  • Smooth Shots
  • Budget-Friendly


  • Basic Features

The Insta360 Flow is a gimbal specifically for iPhone but this one is actually AI powered. So it comes with a bunch of really cool features like active tracking Face tracking and so on. It also comes with a little light which can come in very handy when you’re vlogging in low light scenarios. It has a built-in selfie stick and a tripod, and the best part is that it folds down really super small You just tuck it back in there and take the phone out because it’s magnetic fold it back up, and stick it in your pouch or your bag. Making it rare and one of the best iPhone accessories.


Remember, when buying iPhone accessories, consider factors like compatibility, trusted brands, build quality, reading reviews, warranty, and avoiding counterfeit products. It’s also crucial to compare prices with the value you’re getting.

In 2023, you have various options to enhance your iPhone experience, from protective cases to gaming controllers and audio accessories like Apple AirPods Max. Plus, the Insta360 Flow gimbal is a user-friendly, pocket-sized tool for vlogging and capturing smooth shots.

Ultimately, the best accessories for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, so choose wisely!


Q1: What are the top three must-have iPhone accessories mentioned in the article?

A1: The top three must-have iPhone accessories recommended in the article are:

  1. Leather Case with MagSafe – Umber for its premium look and grip.
  2. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector to keep your screen safe.
  3. Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo) for its secure grip and aesthetics.

Q2: Why is a screen protector considered essential for an iPhone?

  • A2: A screen protector is essential to protect the iPhone’s screen from scratches and potential damage. It helps maintain the screen’s integrity, ensuring it remains in pristine condition.

Q3: What is the special feature of the Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo)?

  • A3: The Anker 610 Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo) offers a secure grip and attaches magnetically to your iPhone, preventing accidental drops. It’s easy to install and enhances the appearance of your phone.

Q4: What makes the Backbone One Controller a notable iPhone accessory?

  • A4: The Backbone One Controller is an official PlayStation controller for the iPhone, turning it into a portable gaming console. It works with PlayStation Remote Play and various games, offering an enhanced gaming experience.

Q5: Why are Apple AirPods Max recommended in the article?

  • A5: Apple AirPods Max are recommended for their exceptional sound quality, noise-blocking capabilities, and long battery life. They provide a premium audio experience for iPhone users.

Q6: How does the Apple AirTag work, and why is it recommended in the article?

A6: The Apple AirTag helps users keep track of items they might lose. It connects to the Find My app via Bluetooth, allowing you to locate tagged items easily. It’s recommended for its precision and privacy-friendly features.

Q7: Are the mentioned accessories suitable for all iPhone models in 2023?

  • A7: The article suggests these accessories for iPhones in 2023; however, it’s crucial to check compatibility with your specific iPhone model before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit and functionality.

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